About School


In the world we are heading towards survival of the fittest world. In the years to come those with an edge over others will emerge as winner. This has been the guiding force to establish Alpine Public School in this city. Our aim is to provide quality education by qualified and dignified teachers. We want to develop high morality discipline and generosity among our students and prepare them as perfect citizen. Our school has classes from play centre to VIII. The School, which is slated to take shape by April 2002, has well educated and dedicated committee members. This progressive institution runs in palatial dignified building in source of instigation and a pious symbol of purity. Each of our committee members is dedicated towards the development of the school. This school is situated near Government polytechnic Jhansi on Gwalior Road. Our school has Spacious classes, Large Play ground, Swimming pool, student library, activity room and as well as equipped computer Lab for students. We have three buildings for Pre primary and seniors. We are also the most conspicuous and have laudable achievement of this institution. It is running excellent boarding facilities in addition to day boarding also. And this is not the end of it, apart from this for adding colour and flavour to the life of the students here we have started Smart Classes through Projector Which will not only nurture but also provides good quality of education to its educants and also makes them feel at home, because this is an institution with a creativity.